On 11 November we were happy to host the second workshop in our series The IVF Experience (see our report of the opening event here). Sarah Norcross from the Progress Educational Trust was our special guest for the second time and she succeeded in making our workshop such a welcoming and warm one. Everyone who joined us got the chance to respond to the research data that we presented, and many shared personal reflections from their own experiences. Some people spoke about what they considered to be especially important during their fertility journeys, others shared feelings or thoughts about the experience of being given embryo videos or images during their treatment.

Participants appreciated the opportunity to see how their own experience related to research data and findings and to the accounts of other participants, and some underlined how they got the chance to bring home feelings they had but hadn’t been put into words yet. It was so rewarding for us to see how our research could contribute to making some people feel more equipped to think back on their experiences, and how this event also allowed one of our participants to learn more about infertility and fertility treatment through exchanges with others.

We look forward to meeting more people at our next online workshops. Natalie Silverman will be with us on the 20th and 24th of November!

See our Events page for more details about how to sign up for the next dates.