Final Event Webinar Video

This video presents the final event of the “Remaking the Human Body” project, generously funded by thee Wellcome Trust, which spanned from 2016 and 2023. Chaired by Dr Marcin Smietana, the webinar features presentations from our core research team: Dr Manuela Perrotta, Dr Alina Geampana, Dr Josie Hamper and Dr Giulia Zanini.

Video animations

This video explores the wide variety of perspectives on the value of IVF treatment add-ons in the context of the UK fertility sector.
This video explores what it means to produce evidence in the fertility sector and encourages an open and earnest conversation about what evidence is currently available and the consequences of this for the overall quality of care in IVF.
This video investigates what it means to have a positive experience of fertility treatment and invites the audience to reflect on what quality of care means in this sector.


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The production of the videos was supported by a Wellcome Trust public engagement grant.

Further information

For further information about IVF treatment add-ons and the traffic light system, see guidance provided by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA):

The HFEA also publishes data on average birth rates from IVF in the UK. You can find their 2019 report here (published in May 2021):

For further details about the Remaking the Human Body project and the research behind the videos, see the About the project and Publications pages.