The project team were present at this year’s Modern Family Show and the Fertility Show Online Summit. The timing of these shows presented a perfect opportunity for us to share our new animations, which you can watch on our website here.

Our booth at the Fertility Show Online Summit contained lots of details about the research project, our publications and, of course, our videos. The research team enjoyed visiting other booths as well as the many excellent seminars that were on offer across the four days. It was great to virtually ‘meet’ other show participants in the summit’s online chat.

Later in September, Manuela and I were interviewed by BBC reporter Sophie Sulehria as part of the Fertility Show’s live seminar series, which extended into the weeks following the online summit. We thoroughly enjoyed speaking to Sophie and having a conversation about fertility patients’ and professionals’ perspectives on IVF treatment add-ons.

We also screened our videos at the Modern Family Show, which took place in central London on 18 September. Unfortunately, the research team was unable to attend the show in-person, but the videos were screened on the main stage during the event for all attendees to watch.