In June 2021, Manuela Perrotta and I submitted written evidence to the UK government’s Women’s Health Strategy for England. We believe the consultation presents a key opportunity to improve the treatment experiences of IVF patients. 

In our response, which you can find in full on our Publications page, we make five policy recommendations:

  • Women need a more coordinated provision of up-to-date information about IVF, especially information about novel IVF treatment add-ons 
  • Improving the clarity, visibility and accessibility of already available information is a relatively low-cost measure that will bring timely positive change for IVF patients 
  • There is an opportunity for the NHS A-Z website to direct IVF patients to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority’s website for information specifically about new IVF treatment add-ons 
  • Different understandings of evidence should be considered to improve the quality of information on new treatment add-ons 
  • Accurate information about the nature of available evidence should be provided when treatment add-ons are experimental

We are very grateful to Inflect Partners for their advice in preparing our submission for this call.